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The Olive Republic



[ T:O:R ] The Olive Republic = an idea binding the destinies of those who love land, oil and its secrets.

Olive oil is at the core of this experience. This high-quality product does not only stem from past traditions, but it is also the result of a constant progress in production patterns and acquisition of knowledge.
Improval, evolution and innovation are pivotal to our work. Our attempt is joining, in a simple, honest and discrete way, those who strive and use their imagination to find solutions, thus constantly surpassing themselves.
It is all about a project aiming at sharing the culture and knowledge of those who live in perfect harmony with the environment and territory where the olive tree grows, those who “listen to it” and understand it.
It is all about a common path, fostering the exchange of experiences of those who believe there is still much to be done for the olive tree and for oil.